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Swingers Cruise

SDC Lifestyle Cruise

Caribbean, Mediterranean, Italian/Croatian Riviera, & Greek
SDC has set sail through many seas over the years! The first official SDC Lifestyle Cruise took place in 2011 with the hottest SDC members onboard for a truly unforgettable SDC event!
Takeover Event Established: 2011

SDC in Cap d'Agde

Le Jardin d’Eden, Cap d’Agde, France
Get it on, while taking it all off in the South of France! Discover and enjoy sexy swingers in the hottest town known to man: The “Village Naturiste” in Cap d’Agde. Take a holiday where you can bare all and everything is a go! Explore this famous French destination of full on pleasure!
Takeover Event Established: 2010

SDC in Cap d'Agde

Le Jardin de Babylone, Cap d’Agde, France
Each summer lifestyle lovers flock to a lusty place of fun … bare as you dare in the “Village Naturiste” of Cap d’Agde. Explore this world famous French destination full of pleasure!
Group Event Established: 2010

SDC in Crete

Island of Crete, Greece
An all inclusive Grecian playground at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe! The Island of Crete is the perfect travel destination to explore glorious, soft golden beaches at a 5 star resort! Don’t miss a relaxed and fun swingers break. Join us for an enchanting adventure!
Takeover Event Established: 2015

SDC Sexy Ski

Obertauern, Austria
Mountains of action at the coolest travel experiences you can imagine! Party with 250 hot swingers, on and off the gorgeous snow covered mountains. If you love the lifestyle, love mountains, love getting on top of things and sliding down, join us for a sexy adventure that is sure to cause an avalanche.
Takeover Event Established: 2011

SDC in Andalusia

Cádiz, Spain
Wishes come true when the erotic meets the exotic! It’s a swingers pure pleasure at a gorgeous Andalusian Palace steeped in sensuous Arabian flair! 225 hot international couples travel for incomparable sexy fiestas, luxury surroundings, steps away from white sandy beaches and a glorious ocean! This is the holiday location to fall in love with and have that one-of-a kind lifestyle experience at this truly one-of-a kind resort!
Takeover Event Established: 2009

SDC Sexperience

Desire Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico
Our exclusive swinger takeover at Desire, where seductive secrets are ready to unfold. Join the hottest couples for a sweet and sexy holiday in paradise!
Takeover Event Established: 2003

SDC Halloween

Desire Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico
A mysterious energy is pulsating. The orange glow of the sun peaks at you as it tucks in for the night. Feel your heart pound as you get ready to face your darker desires. As this all Hallows Eve approaches travel to Desire where they pull out all the stops. All we can say is … enjoy!
Group Event Established: 2003

SDC December

Desire Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico
Nothing beats Desire in winter time. The perfect travel destination for an all out playful lifestyle vacation! Shed the cold and embrace the warmth of hot couples at SDC’s December celebration!
Takeover Event Established: 2009

SDC Pearl Takeover

Desire Pearl, Cancun, Mexico
Come play with other swinger couples and take part in a heap of refreshing action as we have nailed down another great option for you to celebrate an awesome SDC lifestyle vacation! Join us at this fascinating pairing of the hottest bodies in town and the warm Mexican sun in total luxury! Sensual and fun evening entertainment are all part of the thrill and excitement of this incredible experience! Formally known as Ceiba del Mar.
Takeover Event Established: 2010

SDC Wild in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Lights, Shows, Action: Welcome to the sexiest city the USA has to offer: Las Vegas! Join SDC for the razzle-dazzle, brand name shopping, top chefs, casino’s, shows, roller coasters, the strip, sights and best of all the hottest SDC swingers around! This is going to be a vacation to remember!
Takeover Event Established: 2014

SDC on the Atlantic

Cadiz, Spain
This Swinging takeover event is sure to be the ultimate experience for all swinging couples; this week planned in Cadiz, Spain promises to be full of red hot passion and delight. Our exclusive resort will be transformed into a paradise of tantalizing desire to fulfill your every fantasy.
Takeover Event Established: 2008

SDC in the Sol

Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain
This week Swinging in Malaga will promise to be nothing short of finger licking invigorating. The staff is already up in full force and is preparing an indulgent program for us to be able to bask in abundance! It will be upbeat, lively, and in step with the rhythm we know, that moves you.
Takeover Event Established: 2007

SDC in Mallorca

Mallorca, Spain
Swinging in Mallorca the hotel was located in the residential area of Illetas, with a privileged position facing the sea and offering a private beach. Situated close to the sandy beaches of Illetas and Palma Nova and 10 minutes from Palma’s city.
Takeover Event Established: 2006