SDC Caribbean CruiseEntertainment

SDC offers a sexy concoction of magical, sensual and comedic entertainment each day and each night for your pleasure.
Indulge yourself in late-night fantasy and the luxury of our wonderful and unique entertainment.

Okay, who does not know SDC's very own, very sexy MC Laz, aka Mr. Rico Suave! Laz is your host with the most! You can find him at the pool parties, at the shows at night and he will make sure you connect and entertain you the sexy way with erotic games, raffles and more!
Jaxxx is one of Canada's most exciting emerging musical artists and we love having her with us. She is a captivating and seamless blend of sensual vulnerability and raw edginess, Jaxxx's mesmerizing, smoky voice and sexily sweet charm will draw you right in and in the right mood.
Sylvain PothierPhotographer
We are super exited to have Sylvain on board with us to capture you in such sensual and artful ways you never thought possible. If you wish to spruce up your profile pictures, this is your chance for a fresh new look and wow factor.
Dr. CarlenSexologist
You will love the expertise from Dr. Carlen. A true powerhouse on all things about sexy relationships. For instance, want to find out how many different ways a person can orgasm? It's not what you think! #blownaway!
Brian MadridHypnotist
Brian is a highly skilled hypnotist who captivates your imagination and demonstrates the power of your mind. Enjoy his comedic show and free erotically inclined workshops throughout the week.
Gentleman DeeSaxophone
The Lord of Saxophone will bring live Sax tunes into the night club and elsewhere on the ship! His voice is also nothing short of amazing and we are absolutely delighted he'll be with SDC to enchant you!
Claus & KatrineKinky PlayShops
An intense couple for intense sexy subjects! With different elements of bondage and all kinds of sexy and kinky play this well informed couple will guide you along the week. All levels of play and interests are invited, as we keep it light and interesting for all!
Jayd & LouiseTantra PlayShops
Your sexy play will take on a whole new level as joy and tantra ecstasy is explored during these hands on tantra sessions!
Sexy Dance Classes
Pole dance, striptease, you name it, you'll find it on board!
TOPP Dancers
Bringing in a fresh supply of eye candy to please your senses! Hot Hot Hot!
Carol and DavidThe Sexy Lifestyle - radio show
Carol and David, hosts of “The Sexy Lifestyle” radio show, are on board with us for some fun show recordings! “The Sexy Lifestyle” with its 150,000 listeners from 60 countries around the world, can be found on’s Variety Channel. Join and come talk about how to live the lifestyle happy, healthy and horny!