By booking an event with SDC you automatically accept and agree to release SDC, its owners, travel affiliates, staff and members from any and all liability resulting out of your attendance at this event, or as a result of subsequent meetings or circumstances with any attendees, staff or guests, now or in the future. These general rules and conduct policy may be adjusted at any time without prior notice. They are in place so every person at our events is well respected and allowed to have a lovely experience.

You agree to abide by any rules as set forth below or by anyone of the SDC staff as well as the hotel staff. You acknowledge to keep all information confidential and that you are not acting as part of, or on behalf of, any media or government organization and will not disclose anything outside this event or lifestyle.

Selling or advertising any product without prior written consent from SDC will result in removal from the event. You acknowledge that you are acting on your own behalf as adults and for personal interest only and are not offended by sexual expression or nudity and that you understand that this is a lifestyle event for consenting adults only.

You understand and agree that because of the nature of this event, only adult male/female couples will be allowed to check in and when showing up without partner, check-in will be denied. If one partner leaves the event, the other half of the couple will be required to leave as well.

You hereby acknowledge that you are over the age of 21 years (18 where applicable) and have read this conduct policy prior to booking and its execution.

SDC is bound by the rules set forth in the contract made with each individual venue. SDC is always committed to leaving a venue just as pristine upon leaving as on arrival day. Therefore, should you damage or trash a room in any way, you will be held fully responsible and charged for the damages and/or extra cleaning fees caused. You may also no longer be eligible to book further events. If anything like this is noticed during the course of an event, you will be asked to leave the event, no refund nor reimbursement of expenses this may cause. SDC is not responsible in any way, shape or form for hotel operations beyond our control.

Play Responsibly
We know you are here to party and we sure want you to. However, we are still all adults so please be neighborly and refrain from playing loud music in your room after 3 am and keep party noise after that time to an acceptable minimum so others around you may be allowed some needed rest. In case of any complaint, you will be officially warned by staff once, should this warning have no effect, you will be required to leave the event without refund nor reimbursement of expenses this may cause.

Nudity & Sexual Activity
Nudity is only allowed at designated spaces and this varies at each event/venue. Please use a towel to sit on at all times as a common courtesy. For all other public places you need to cover up. Should it be deemed necessary it can be decided that a cover-up is needed at all times.

To protect staff of the venue it is understood that any sexual activity may only take place in the privacy of the rooms or in designated hospitality areas when available. Very important: Do not approach any of the staff for sexual activity. Guests are not permitted to pay nor accept payment for any form of entertainment or sexual activity and we urge you to please act responsibly when it comes to your personal health protection.

The golden lifestyle rule (No is No) applies to all SDC events and anyone found to be out of line will be escorted from the premises without a refund nor reimbursement of expenses this may cause.

Photos & Videos
Taking pictures or video of other guests without their specific permission is strictly prohibited. Please be aware that inappropriate photos/video can and will be deleted at the discretion of the SDC staff as well as security personnel and may result in removal from the event without a refund nor reimbursement of expenses this may cause.

Any other photos taken are for personal use only. Photos or video made at this event may not be published, printed, made public in any way without prior written approval from SDC. There will be certain areas where the use of any type of camera is strictly prohibited. SDC staff may take area pictures and videos to capture the vibe of the event, but will always blur to protect your privacy when possible.

Out of respect for the venue holder, at events that are not all inclusive, it is prohibited to bring in outside bottles of alcohol into our event venue. Should you bring bottles in, our security staff is required to collect these for safekeeping and give them back to you on departure day. For some events where beverages from outside are accepted (this would be communicated prior to the event) please enjoy these in your room only. Bottle fees may apply.

There is a zero tolerance policy. No drugs of any kind are allowed to be brought in. Anyone breaking this rule will be removed from the premises and banned from this and any of our future events – no refund.

Please respect SDC staff and follow directions. This is for your protection. Should you become intoxicated and/or disruptive, you will be escorted to your room. If you are aggressive to any staff member of the hotel or SDC in any way, shape or form, you will be required to leave the event and banned from any of our future events – no refund.